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D VT12-0402 43578-35 / 3967-35 V-Twin mfg pair of bearing retainers taiwan28.0023.14
D VT12-0943 44274-74 V-Twin caliper friction ring (10-pack)  15.0012.40
D VT12-1519 60556-74 V-Twin primary baffle plate usa5.004.13
D VT13-0176 50057-91 V-Twin kickstand spring Dynachrometaiwan9.007.44
D VT13-0182 50112-99 V-Twin kickstand spring Touringchrometaiwan9.007.44
D VT13-0186 50057-02 V-Twin kickstand spring Dynachrometaiwan10.008.26
D VT13-0215 56216-53 V-Twin mfg handlebar grip spring usa3.002.48
D VT13-0219 45095-85 V-Twin alternator plug retainer springstainlesstaiwan3.502.89
D VT14-0010 45975-71 V-Twin pair fork seals  12.009.92
D VT14-0901 49028-85T V-Twin large O-rings for large footpegs (100-pack) usa22.0018.18
D VT16-0041 (54630-03A) D VT16-0041 54630-03A V-Twin Manual shock pump with gauge 60 PSI taiwan30.0024.79
D VT23-0112 (41670-73) D VT23-0112 41670-73 V-Twin Anti-vibration kit - FL, FLH '73-e'80. FX '73-'80 taiwan19.0015.70
D VT23-0113 45822-75 V-Twin caliper bracket bushing usa5.004.13
D VT23-0115 41770-58 / 42333-58 V-Twin master cylinder plunger and clevischrometaiwan20.0016.53
D VT23-0507 44005-78 V-Twin brake pads taiwan30.0024.79
D VT23-0707 42318-72 V-Twin mfg brake line tee, used without sidecarchrometaiwan16.0013.22
D VT23-0711 41749-58 V-Twin bleeder nipple usa2.001.65
D VT23-1734 44162-77 V-Twin mfg brake pad pin usa3.502.89
D VT23-1746 44175-77 / 44176-77 V-Twin caliper mounting screwschrometaiwan20.0016.53
D VT23-1753 41768-73 V-Twin vibration clip usa17.0014.05
D VT23-1992 44406-31 / 44402-40 V-Twin brake shoes '31-'40 rear, '31-'52 front taiwan115.0095.04
D VT23-9163 44213-87 V-Twin brake pad set Sportster '87-'90  30.0024.79
D VT23-9190 42381-82 V-Twin plain master cylinder coverchrometaiwan12.009.92
D VT23-9245 43960-86 V-Twin mfg brake caliper clip taiwan19.0015.70
D VT24-0011 45858-77 V-Twin fork drain screws (pair) taiwan10.008.26
D VT24-0098 (45420-80) D VT24-0098 45420-80 V-Twin fork boot caps,chrometaiwan28.0023.14
D VT24-0114 48361-80 V-Twin fork cup dust shield kitchrometaiwan15.0012.40
D VT24-0221 45597-78 V-Twin XL fork stem dust coverzinctaiwan8.006.61
D VT24-0808 45703-73 V-Twin Fork stem & bracket - Sportster, XL '73-'77 usa125.00103.31
D VT24-0850 (45993-73) D VT24-0850 45993-73 V-Twin Fork tube boltschrometaiwan30.0024.79
D VT25-2101 (56116-77 / 56117-77) D VT25-2101 56116-77 / 56117-77 V-Twin short riserschrometaiwan35.0028.93
D VT25-2119 56063-82A V-Twin Straight riser (pair) - 4-1/2"chrometaiwan40.0033.06
D VT26-0510 45017-62 / 45017-41 V-Twin ball end hand leverpolished 28.5023.55
D VT26-2121 45732-60 V-Twin handlbar mount bushing (1) taiwan10.008.26
D VT26-2146 45044-82 V-Twin mfg handlebar clampblacktaiwan12.009.92
D VT26-2167 (45002-69) D VT26-2167 45002-69 V-Twin brake lever assembly '69-'72chrometaiwan25.0020.66
D VT27-0504 50015-74 / 50094-36 V-Twin mfg jiffy stand leg stopchrometaiwan7.506.20
D VT27-0545 50306-02 V-Twin kickstand tab kit '89-'06chrometaiwan20.0016.53
D VT27-0546 50309-02 V-Twin kickstand tab kit '85-'98chrometaiwan17.0014.05
D VT27-1500 50090-53 V-Twin jiffy stand pin taiwan8.006.61
D VT28-0501 41764-58 V-Twin master cylinder rubber boot usa4.003.31
D VT28-0614 61139-73 V-Twin tank block  9.007.44
D VT28-0619 50235-63 V-Twin Iso mount stud taiwan6.004.96
D VT28-0715 61122-79 V-Twin tank filler strip usa20.0016.53
D VT28-1994 46001-54 V-Twin fork boots (pair) taiwan40.0033.06
D VT31-0221 (62704-84 / 62707-84) D VT31-0221 62704-84 / 62707-84 V-Twin Oil tank mount kit Softail '84-'99chrometaiwan65.0053.72
D VT31-0442 47564-82 V-Twin rear swing arm mount bushing india60.0049.59
D VT31-0444 47538-79 V-twin pair of toleranve rings usa15.0012.40
D VT35-0405 62125-55B V-Twin replica fuel petcock - fits ''55-'74 right sidechrometaiwan  
D VT35-9074 (5106) D VT35-9074 5106 Accel Hi-Flow fuel valve kit, 90 degreechromeusa125.00103.31
D VT37-8349 60650-54A V-Twin acces hole cover (10-pack)chromeusa24.0019.83
D VT37-8810 56167-49 V-Twin Handlebar riser mounting kit taiwan20.0016.53
D VT37-9153 50003-89A V-Twin kickstand pin taiwan6.004.96
D VT38-0313 61102-73 V-Twin Gas tank cap - ventedchrometaiwan7.005.79
D VT38-0314 61103-73 V-Twin Gas tank cap - non-ventedchrometaiwan7.005.79
D VT40-0128 63542-63 V-Twin oil line elbow '63-'65 Panheadbrassusa15.0012.40
D VT40-0390 62475-83 V-Twin oil tank Sportster, XL '83-'93blacktaiwan  
D VT40-9986 63526-57 V-Twin rocker box fitting nipple and nutchrometaiwan6.004.96
D VT44-0110 47519-52 V-Twin dust shield (pair) taiwan9.007.44
D VT44-0353 41595-67 V-Twin axle spacer '67-'72chrometaiwan15.0012.40
D VT44-0412 43542-67 / 41196-55 V-Twin wheel hub bearing lock nut kitzinctaiwan20.0016.53
D VT44-0505 43592-70 V-Twin wheel hub locknut retainerzinctaiwan8.006.61
D VT49-0188 52098-34 / 3187-34 V-Twin mfg solo seat front mount boltblacktaiwan6.004.96
D VT50-0952 (59887-59) D VT50-0952 59887-59 V-Twin rear fender tip - FL, FLH '58-'66chrometaiwan37.5030.99
D VT50-1021 59144-87A V-Twin rear fender - FLST '86-'99 taiwan145.00119.83
D VT54-0417 54515-75 V-Twin upper shock stud set '75-'78 Sportsterzincusa39.0032.23
D VT54-0455 47384-91 V-Twin pair of rear shock studszinctaiwan40.0033.06
D VT54-0514 (54708-88TA) D VT54-0514 54708-88TA V-Twin pair of shock stud coverschrometaiwan25.0020.66
D Z781238 42556-36 Zodiac V-twin mfg. mechanical brake lever - Big Twinspark 34.5028.51
D Z781240 42560-37 Zodiac V-twin mfg. lever, brake shaft - right - Big Twinspark 42.5035.12

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