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D VT-DMK-60 () D VT-DMK-60   V-Twin 5-light dash base taiwan60.0049.59
D VT10-0068 (25216-58) D VT10-0068 25216-58 V-Twin cast gear cover Panhead '54-'62plaintaiwan155.00128.10
D VT10-0302 9222 V-Twin bearing rollers  10.008.26
D VT10-0733 40520-63 V-Twin bushing  16.5013.64
D VT10-0760 24331-36 V-twin set piston pin bushings - 750cc '36-'73. Sportster, XLStd. 25.0020.66
D VT10-1150 6505 V-Twin mfg flywheel washers usa15.0012.40
D VT10-2496 41685-37A V-twin bushing, oversize, rear brake backing plate - BT L37-57+.015" 22.5018.60
D VT10-2558 29961-85 V-Twin inner rotor spacer0.095"usa5.004.13
D VT10-4351   V-twin Crane cam  225.00185.95
D VT10-8168 25523-56 V-Twin Sifton stock cam for FLH '48-'69 usa235.00194.21
D VT11-0527 (17375-48 / 17611-48) D VT11-0527 17375-48 / 17611-48 V-Twin Panhead rocker arm assembly RI / FE taiwan95.0078.51
D VT11-0617 18080-58A V-Twin exhaust valve Sportster '58-'79  18.0014.88
D VT11-0973   V-Twin valve guide BT+.010"usa6.004.96
D VT11-9821   V-Twin valve guide XL in+.001"usa6.004.96
D VT12-0152 () D VT12-0152   V-Twin oil screen kit '81-'84 Shovelhead usa15.0012.40
D VT12-0311   V-Twin bearing    
D VT12-0314   V-Twin bearing    
D VT12-0356 9061 V-Twin mfg bearing, inner primary cover china34.5028.51
D VT12-0392 24983-00 V-Twin crank case oil screen usa5.004.13
D VT12-0402 43578-35 / 3967-35 V-Twin mfg pair of bearing retainers taiwan28.0023.14
D VT12-0532 24023-36 / 364-36 V-Twin mfg shaft nut usa8.507.02
D VT12-0631 9276 V-Twin pair of wheel bearings 25mm taiwan30.0024.79
D VT12-0943 44274-74 V-Twin caliper friction ring (10-pack)  15.0012.40
D VT12-0952 11161 V-Twin transmission drive bearing snap ring usa4.753.93
D VT12-1185 327 / 634-32 V-Twin generator gear roll pins (10-pack) usa4.503.72
D VT12-1290 25265-63 V-twin deflector, oil separator - XL '63-'78  31.5026.03
D VT12-1516 24981-66 V-Twin tappet oil screen '66-'69 usa5.504.55
D VT12-1519 60556-74 V-Twin primary baffle plate usa5.004.13
D VT12-2106 17506-66 / 17508-66 V-Twin rocker box studs set  35.0028.93
D VT12-2520 68026-73 V-Twin mfg taillight lens screw usa1.200.99
D VT12-9915 37495-91 V-Twin main shaft clutch hub nut  14.0011.57
D VT13-0109 24982-70 V-Twin mfg tappet oil screen spring '70-'99 usa1.150.95
D VT13-0125 33201-79 V-Twin shifter pawl spring  2.001.65
D VT13-0131 34083-79 V-Twin shifter lever spring  3.502.89
D VT13-0176 50057-91 V-Twin kickstand spring Dynachrometaiwan9.007.44
D VT13-0182 50112-99 V-Twin kickstand spring Touringchrometaiwan9.007.44
D VT13-0186 50057-02 V-Twin kickstand spring Dynachrometaiwan10.008.26
D VT13-0215 56216-53 V-Twin mfg handlebar grip spring usa3.002.48
D VT13-0219 45095-85 V-Twin alternator plug retainer springstainlesstaiwan3.502.89
D VT13-9242 27659-71 V-Twin Bendix carb float pin spring usa1.100.91
D VT13-9256 67778-60 V-Twin headlight door spring set (5-piece set)  20.0016.53
D VT14-0010 45975-71 V-Twin pair fork seals  12.009.92
D VT14-0033 6377 V-Twin mfg oil pump washer usa0.500.41
D VT14-0145   V-Twin valve guide seal '48-'78 usa  
D VT14-0185   V-Twin oil seal  15.0012.40
D VT14-0507 11115 V-Twin mfg O-ring  0.550.45
D VT14-0565   V-Twin O-ring  0.300.25
D VT14-0901 49028-85T V-Twin large O-rings for large footpegs (100-pack) usa22.0018.18
D VT15-0223 () D VT15-0223   Gary Bang inner primary repair kit '70-'82 usa15.0012.40
D VT15-0628   V-Twin Linkert DC gasket kit - XL '57-'66  46.5038.43
D VT15-0689   V-Twin Delkron sump gasket  5.004.13
D VT16-0041 (54630-03A) D VT16-0041 54630-03A V-Twin Manual shock pump with gauge 60 PSI taiwan30.0024.79
D VT16-0360   V-Twin starter gear kit 66 tooth taiwan90.0074.38
D VT16-0998 (HD-33443) D VT16-0998 HD-33443 Sifton tappet guide alignment tool - EVO, TCpairtaiwan30.0024.79
D VT16-1600   V-Twin Center stand FLT '80-'08 taiwan99.0081.82
D VT17-0061 (34012-52C) D VT17-0061 34012-52C V-Twin shifter cam plate taiwan80.0066.12
D VT17-0073 34477-53 / 34478-53 V-Twin pair of shifter pawls '53-'74 taiwan22.0018.18
D VT17-0112 35665-36 / 2298-36B V-Twin mfg countershaft shifter clutch taiwan19.0015.70
D VT17-0229 33291-36 / 2346-36 V-Twin mfg shift lever shaft upper bushing taiwan10.008.26
D VT17-0232 (34805-52 / 34803-59) D VT17-0232 34805-52 / 34803-59 V-Twin Transmission cover / Ratchet topchrometaiwan145.00119.83
D VT17-0404   V-Twin kick starter ratchet gear set '36-'84 BT 4-speed taiwan58.0047.93
D VT17-0411 1864B V-Twin kicker bumper screwzinctaiwan0.200.17
D VT17-0465   V-Twin stepped inner primary spacer taiwan35.0028.93
D VT17-0926 () D VT17-0926   V-Twin transmission lockwasher kit 4-speeds usa20.0016.53
D VT17-0930 33125-89 V-Twin starter shaft bolt lock tab usa2.001.65
D VT17-0931 25448-84 V-Twin clutch lockplate taiwan1.000.83
D VT17-1109 33379-71A V-Twin starter ratcher Sportster taiwan19.0015.70
D VT17-1134 35841-58 V-Twin thrust washer, second gear usa3.002.48
D VT17-1177   V-Twin Sportster shifter fork -.020  30.0024.79
D VT17-1490   V-Twin Duo seal super nut kit taiwan17.5014.46
D VT17-1503 31501-65 V-Twin starter washer usa2.001.65
D VT17-1504 31502-65 V-Twin mfg starter washer taiwan4.003.31
D VT17-9252 37069-90 / 37088-90 V-Twin clutch pushrod kit usa/taiwan45.0037.19
D VT17-9829 35306-36 / 2296-36B V-Twin third gear for 4-speed  70.0057.85
D VT17-9913 35216-79 V-Twin thrust washer, mainshaft - left .212" taiwan5.004.13
D VT17-9986 (31491-79) D VT17-9986 31491-79 V-Twin Electric starter shifter lever taiwan75.0061.98
D VT18-0361   V-Twin 66 tooth starter gear with 9 tooth pinion gear taiwan95.0078.51
D VT18-0366   V-Twin Starter ring gear kit 84T taiwan110.0090.91
D VT18-2321 (37499-71) D VT18-2321 37499-71 V-Twin clutch retainer kit with nuts Sportster, XL '71-'84 usa10.008.26
D VT18-3228 39980-54 V-Twin chain adjuster brace usa12.009.92
D VT18-3619 37203-71A/37202-71A V-Twin clutch adjuster kit XL '71-'84 usa40.0033.06
D VT18-8308   V-Twin Starter ring gear 102T taiwan250.00206.61
D VT18-8319   V-Twin Starter ring gear 102T taiwan250.00206.61
D VT19-0384 37709-89 V-Twin 21T sprocket Sportster  21.0017.36
D VT20-0308   V-Twin front belt drive nut and lock kit taiwan22.0018.18
D VT20-0648   V-Twin Front drive pulley, 29 T - 1.0" offset taiwan250.00206.61
D VT21-0106   V-Twin FLT shift seal collar taiwan12.009.92
D VT21-0120 33660-70 V-Twin shift leverchrometaiwan28.0023.14
D VT21-0210 34423-87T V-Twin dust shield shifter '52-'78 FLchrometaiwan30.0024.79
D VT21-0304 (34606-75) D VT21-0304 34606-75 V-Twin Shift lever Sportster, XL '77-'85chrometaiwan30.0024.79
D VT21-0335 () D VT21-0335   V-Twin Shift lever billet forged - FLTchrometaiwan65.0053.72
D VT21-0548   V-Twin shift rod end left hand thread taiwan20.0016.53
D VT21-2012 (34606-86A) D VT21-2012 34606-86A V-Twin Shift lever Sportster, XL '86-'90chrometaiwan30.0024.79
D VT21-2013 () D VT21-2013   V-Twin Shift lever FXWG without splineschrometaiwan30.0024.79
D VT21-2021 34614-74 V-Twin FX shift linkage usa20.0016.53
D VT21-2061 (33630-90) D VT21-2061 33630-90 V-Twin shifter bracket '86-99 FLSTchrometaiwan65.0053.72
D VT22-0713   V-Twin D.Crockett forward kit taiwan275.00227.27
D VT22-0802   V-Twin 4-speed shifter control kit taiwan140.00115.70
D VT23-0112 (41670-73) D VT23-0112 41670-73 V-Twin Anti-vibration kit - FL, FLH '73-e'80. FX '73-'80 taiwan19.0015.70
D VT23-0113 45822-75 V-Twin caliper bracket bushing usa5.004.13

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