Important delivery information

Yes, we can still send packages with DHL, as long as they keep delivering in Europe.

Yes, yes, we can ship to Norway, Switzerland and some "remote areas" again.

It is NOT possible to visit. Please do not stop by!

Jan Willem

I will only ship to European countries.

DHL requires a minimum weight for parcels of 500 gram.

Approximate shipping cost, up to 20kg, for the following countries:

AT. Austria euro 18.00
BE. Belgium euro 14,-
CH. Switzerland:   shipping by Mail only,  euro 20,19 + 1,74 per kg.
CZ. Czech republic euro 17.00
DE. Germany euro 13,-
DK. Denmark euro 32,-

ES. Spain euro 24,50
EE. Estonia euro 18,50
FI. Finland, DHL, euro 35,-        “remote area” euro 27,-  (via post/mail only)
FR-north. France euro 23,-
FR-south. France euro 25,-
GB. United Kingdom:  shipping by post/mail only, euro 22,-.  (minimum order euro 200,- / export price 170,-)

H. Hungary 17,-
IE. Ireland euro 21,-
J. Jersey: shipping by Mail
G. Guernsey: shipping by Mail
GR. Greece euro 25,-
IT-north Italy DHL, euro 22,-         “remote area” euro 27,-  (via post/mail only)

IT-south Italy DHL, euro 24,00      “remote area” euro 27,-  (via post/mail only)
LT. Lithuania euro 18,-
LV. Latvia euro 18,-
NL. Nederland euro 8,50  Bedrijven euro 10,-
NO. Norway:   shipping by Mail only,  euro 20,19 + 1,74 per kg.

PL. Poland DHL, euro 14,-    “remote area” euro 29,-  (via post/mail only)
PT. Portugal euro 25,-
SE. Sweden-north euro 27,-
SE. Sweden-south euro 25,-
SI. Slovenia euro 19,-
SK. Slovakia euro 15,-

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