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1916 Sales Brochure, 24 pages
L590, 15.00

1917 Sales brochure, 5 pages
L591, 3.00

1950 WR/WRTT Sales Brochure
Reprint of the "1950 Competition Models" sales brochure.
Beautiful 4 page brochure with specifications and illustrations of the WR and WR-TT racers. Also lists the 1949 track records of Harley-Davidson riders.
L534, 7.00

"Harley-Davidson Flatheads", by Jerry Hatfield.
One of the most versatile motorcycles ever built, the Flathead anchors the Harley- Davidson lineage. Flathead engines powered The Motor Company’s success in the 1930s when a fourth of all workers were laid off, and were the Army’s “weapon of choice” during World War II. Author Jerry Hatfield chronicles 55 years of the type’s engineering, military service, racing adventures, and sales success. Restorers will find this book indispensible, but any H-D enthusiast will enjoy this colorful fact-filled account of The Motor Company’s jack-of-all-trades, the Flathead.
L645, 26.00

"Classic Harley Big Twins", by Greg Field and Tom Murphy.
Includes three out of print books;
H-D Knuckleheads, by Greg Field,
H-D Panheads, by Greg Field,
and H-D Shovelheads, by Tom Murphy.
L602 Paperback, 383 pages, 72.00 Euro.

"The Big Book Of Harley-Davidson", by Thomas C. Bolfert, Revised edition.
Beautiful hard cover, full color, large size book, 25 x 32 cm, 300 pages
Follow the trail of this American succes story as it winds through history, decade by decade, influenced by wars, depressions, and severe competition from domestic and foreign sources, only to emerge in the 1990´s stronger and more popular than ever. Told in an easy narrative style, and illustrated by over a thousand colorful photos dating back to the turn of the century, the story of Harley-Davidson is fitted against a historical timeline that helps put its long past into the proper perspective of the prevailing times.
L619, 70.00

"The Harley-Davidson Story"
This original H-D published book offers a condensed history of the company and contains photos on production, racing and military motorcycles. 1989 Edition with over 155 historic photos.
L594, 16.00

"Harley-Davidson in the 1960s", by Allan Girdler & Jeff Hackett.
"Harley-davidson in the 1960s" chronicles The Motor Company's efforts to survive the Asian onslaught, a struggle that transforms Harley-Davidson-a familiy run businness concern-into a division of AMF. In the process it tells the story of some of the most exciting motorcycles of all time. Covers all models; Duo-Glide, Early-Shovel, Sportster, KR-TT racer, Sprint, Topper scooter, etc.
L655, 16.50

"Classic Harley-Davidson 1903-1941", by Herbert Wagner.
Delving into the depths of Harley-Davidson history, author Herbert Wagner brings readers many new discoveries on the evolution of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. From the turn-of-the-century single-cylinder prototype to the 1941 74 OHV Big Twin Knucklehead, Classic Harley-Davidson 1903-1941 captures the dream of Bill Harley and the Davidson brothers. Over 80 color photographs help illustrate this amazing story, depicting such models as:
- 1903 to 1905 Singles
- Early V-twins
- World War I military models
- JDH and JH models (two-cam)
- 21 and 45 OHV models
- VL and VLH Flatheads
- EL and FL Knuckleheads
L644, 18.00

"H-D Classics 1903-1965", by Jerry Hatfield.
- Illustrated Buyer´s Guide -
Harley-Davidson was synonymous with raw power and speed in the early days of motorcycling. Those tremendous machines are chronicled here, from the early singles to the Panhead Big Twins and Sportsters. Each bike is covered year by year, with ratings for collectibility, smoothness of ride, passenger accommodations, reliability, and parts and service availability. This formidable group of data is supplanted with the author´s riding impressions, which put you in the driver´s seat of dozens of collectible Harley-Davidson motorcycles. With this comprehensive book, you´ll be well-equipped to select the year and model perfect for your needs, whether it is a 1914 Twin with sidecar, 1941 WLD, 1936 Model EL Knucklehead, or 1957 Sportster.
L639, 20.00

"Motorcycle Memorabilia", by Roger Pribbenow.
Motorcycle Memorabilia is an enjoyable look at the sport of motorcycling from its beginning around 1900 to the mid-1960’s. Photographed in full color are a great variety of items illustrating the scope of memorabilia collecting and items available to the collector. From catalogs and brochures to motorcycle toys and clothing, manufacturers pins and oil containers, you’ll find it all here. Covers all Americanmade motorcycles.
L647, 18.00

"Collecting Harley-Davidson", by Carl Caiati.
A one-of-a-kind resource , covering the history and how-to’s of collecting the fabulous machines loved by so many people, plus the fabulous shirts, sweaters, jackets and much more. Easy-to-use for both the experienced and novice collector, clearly organized, comprehensive, and portable by pocket or purse.
L640, 15.00

"Harley-Davidson", by Malcolm Birkitt.
L643, 18.00

"Tech Tips & Tricks Vol.II"
L601, 12.00

"What fits what"
L607, 20.00

"A Century of Harley-Davidson", by Peter Henshaw.
111 pages.
L652, 25.00

"Inside Harley-Davidson", by John Carrol.
79 pages.
L656, 12.00

"Sheet metal fabrication", by Timothy Remus.
Harley-Davidson sheet metal fabrication. Make and modify fenders, tanks and side covers. 144 pages.
L654, 20.00

"Harley-Davidson, a worldwide love affair, by Jim Glastonbury.
128 pages, many photos.
L653, 25.00

"The restoration of vintage & thoroughbred motorcyles"
By Jeff Clew.(British bikes).
L658, 25.00

- the motorcycle that built a legend -

By Gerald Foster.
L659, 25.00

"The living legend"
By William Green.
L660, 10.00

"Harley-Davidson - Chronicle"
By doug Mitchell, 320 pages.
L662, 60.00

"Harley-Davidson", by Tod Rafferty.
Large size book, 159 pages.
L663, 25.00

"Illustrated Motorcycle Legends"
By Roy Bacon.
L665, 12.00

"De levende legende", door Tod Rafferty.
Nederlandse uitgave, oorspronkelijke titel: the ultimate machine. Groot formaat, 192 pagina's.
L666, 34.00

Whizzer Owner's Manual.
Operation, installation, parts list, accessories. 37 pages.
L667, 8.00

1925 Cleveland Motorcycle Parts list
L668, 14.00

Cleveland Motorcycle Instructions
(also approx. 1925)
L669, 9.00

Excelsior Instructions Manual
L670, 9.00

Henderson "Deluxe model" parts list
L671, 15.00

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